My brother asked me to come up with some pictures to show her girlfriend the many beautiful places of this world. Being the dedicated overachiever I am, in return I handed over a website. Where should Linke go? is a 3D ‘slideshow’ built on Hakim El’s reveal library. Of course it’s optimized to mobile and […]

Sounds like Ukraine needs some freedom

The Washington Post published an interesting visualization. They asked people two questions: Where is Ukraine on the map? What should the US do with this Ukraine-issue? The answers to the first question are summarized in the following map. 16% of the respondents correctly placed Ukraine on the map, the median response was within 1800 mile […]

Change two axes in D3 Scatterplot

The original scatterplot that I used for my own purposes projected values on one axis. The ‘What makes us happy?’ visualization shows correlation between well-being and various socioeconomic aspects, but the y-axis (well-being) always remains the same. However, when I wanted to show how BI vendors fared in Gartner’s 2013 and 2014 reports, I had […]


I’m taking a Machine Learning course on Coursera. Turns out, it’s a rather old course, more than two years old. First week, and we had to submit our Octave programming assignments. I basically had two choices: spend hours to come up with the solution myself, or google the solution in less, than 5 minutes. If […]