Setting database to trustworthy will let you deploy assemblies in unsafe mode

The title says it all, but let me expand on this a little bit. I have an assembly that I wanted to emulate in SQL server. The first, obvious choice is to use safe mode, which results in the following message: Msg 6212, Level 16, State 1, Line 2 CREATE ASSEMBLY failed because method ‘x’ […]


I have quite a few friends living in Liberia. They have been posting about Ebola for two months now. Today a patient died in a hospital in Texas and the US is losing their shit. Mind you, in the meantime more than 2K people died in Liberia. Fox News, of course, is creating the hype […]

When I announce to my online gamer friend I’ll attack a bunch of twats because they annoy me

On the 11.08.2014 23:04 Atom wrote: >  > So on one side there’s your fleet which is historically tougher than a $2 ribeye. > > On the other side there’s going to be a team of bug-eyed dildo mong ringpieces fighting with only poor English language skills, sharpened garden tools, and weaponised unicorn farts. > […]