Sabermetrics and the best part of every four years

I mentioned three months ago that I’ll be joining the tenacious group of Yankees fans – at least for a season, we shall see how this works out.

Now I’ve upped my game to the next level, and joined edX’s Sabermetrics course. (Sabermetrics = the mathematical analysis of baseball.)

More on that later. In the meantime, ’tis the season for every living soul to focus on the undoubtedly most awesome sport the world has ever invented. Here is the Group Stage for 2014’s Fifa World Cup, because I know you will want to watch every game.

Conclusion: oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, 22 men chasing a ball!


I have this friend whom I defiantly oppose whenever it comes to sports.

He’s a die hard Giants fan – I deliberately chose the Jets just to go against him. Then I realized my choice was a shot in my own leg, so the year after, and every since, I’ve been rooting for Dallas.

Same applies to basketball, soccer, you name it. (It was actually a bit hard to root against Heat every year, I will admit.) After all that hassle it’s getting tiresome to be the antagonist, so I decided that this baseball season I’ll be strengthening his team and be a Yankees fan. I’m very excited because we have at least one thing common: both the Yankees and my dog are scared of thunder.

Yankee's reaction to thunder

Conclusion: There is no life advice I can offer here. This is a senseless move and will likely bite me in the ass.